Module 1 - Introduction

First let me congratulate you on taking such a positive conscious step towards having the body of your dreams, mind and emotions which create opportunities for positive change and the skills and wisdom needed to enhance your personal evolution

This series of modules and all of the supporting information is built upon a diverse range of research including the life's work of Neil Dougan (Me).

The original work focussed only on a very narrow expression of optimal health and only for people that were struggling with their weight. This narrow focus helped me to highlight the complexities of the systems of your being, and it was soon obvious that the work we were engaged in was not only about how your body manages fat but covered almost every conceivable aspect of the body and mind.

This is the road to elective immortality where your body can potentially cease aging, and indeed could be electively reset to a so called "earlier" version of yourself, and further for that version to be in superlative health and adjustment in every level of your being.

To achieve this the mind and the body have to become highly adjusted to this intention. THRIVE will take you down this track. It is a journey rather than a destination, however extraordinary things come to people who follow this material thoroughly and with dedication to the process.

How to get the best from THRIVE

The best results occur when you take your time with the material and let the effects occur naturally. The program is based on sequential modules and bonus material. Each module has at least two videos which should ideally be watched in sequence, and also audio components which need many repetitions to yield best results. To give you an idea of the scale of what you experience in the program a person taking 3 weeks per module and listening to the audio for 30 minutes each day will be exposed to approximately 1 million subliminal suggestions. This staggering number of positive affirmations will take their effect and change will occur.

So an ideal way to approach this would be to allow 30 minutes per day for the audios, and a minimum of one week per module.

For many taking 3 weeks or more over each module will produce better results. I have yet to find anyone who can assimilate this material fully in less than a week per module however.​

Most people I have observed doing the program find themselves stuck at one or more modules. The material in the module is triggering to them and they need more time. My recommendation is therefore to just allow the time.

Be kind to yourself, absorb everything, operate from Love, Acceptance, and Gratitude​ and you will find success.

Enjoy Your Body-Mind-Thrive journey​